The Fun-Spirited Winery

The winery is now closed for the season.

Our hours are:

Feb 11th - May: Saturday & Sunday - Noon to 6 PM.

May - Oct.: Friday, Saturday & Sunday -Noon to 6PM.

WINE DOWN Is Over until Next Spring.

Wine Tasting $5 for 9 wines.

Beer Tasting $5 for 5 farm microbrews.

Wine & beer tastings are done throughout the day up until 5:30 PM. Parties of 6 or more please email us here to request a time and date for a group tasting.

If you would like to host a party, bridal shower, birthday, wedding or the like, please email us here for prices and availability 


La Fiesta Della Mamma

...Better known as Mother's this Sunday...instead of creating some kind of fancy schmancy "Mother's Day Event" we're just going to give all mothers (of kids, dogs, worms, whatever) a complimentary glass of wine. Mention "Dorothy's Special" to get a glass of your choice of wine on us.




Sniff, sniff...SNEEZE!

So one of the questions I'll ask God when I (maybe I mean hopefully) reach the so called Pearly Gates is...what is it with all of the yellow pollen? Do we really need THAT MUCH yellow stuff floating around?

Course, there are other questions, such as:

Dancing with the Stars? Really? You let that happen why?

Is the Hokey Pokey what it's all about?

What were you thinking when you created flies? Mosquitos? Pork rinds?

...ok, enough already...Just to remind you Book Club is Thursday...and Saturday is our first Amici Event...and then May 5 is our Spice of Wine Dinner...we've got so many events planned I just moved a cot into the winery so I could be there 24/7. I'm closer to the wine that way in case I need a nip. :)

Haven't posted a picture of Twinkie our mascot in awhile. We went for a ride in the woods late today and it was BOOTIFUL! I'll take that yellow junk anyday if I also get to see the stunning wisteria in bloom.




Cowgirl Up is Down

...ok, scratch the Cowgirl Up event. Truthfully, this is a case of over-committing and under-delivering. I looked at my calendar and I have 12 events (both at the winery and HR Consulting) in the next 14 days. Whoa! Slow down there, pardner!

So sorry if you are REALLY sad about not line dancing this month. We'll do it soon.

Stop by this weekend for our Hop into Spring event...chocolate bunnies and eggs, coloring easter eggs, italian easter bread and lots of Peeps...



Pooh and the Blustery Day

Holey moley, now I know how Pooh felt when he and Piglet flew around like a balloon on "Winds-day" (a play on "Wednesday")'s been crazy windy here today. I've seen small animals and birds blow by, all topsy-turvy.

A few updates:

1. April Newsletters went out today, if you didn't get one, email me at and I'll send you one and put you on our email list...

2. We're closed this Friday, April 8. I'm a speaker at a Choptank Electric Cooperative's annual meeting and since I still haven't mastered the art of being in two places at once, our doors will  be closed. BUT open on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Yarn Club on Friday evening 5:30-7:30. I started an Afghan and I want to show it off. Come join us for knitting or crocheting or just to sip wine.

4. In addition to our events this month, I've added "Cowgirl Up" on April 22. More info to come...

Happy Winds!


Del Libro (Book Club)

Our next selection is The Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger. It's one of my all time favorites and I talked the Book Club into reading it so I could enjoy it all over again.

Can you believe it snowed yesterday? UGH! AWFUL! The winery was so quiet...we only had a few brave souls wander in even though the snow burned off by noonish. I can't wait for summer so the front porch is full of happy wine-drinking people. I do love a party.

I'm getting ready to send out the newsletter for April so if you haven't signed up for our emails, do so soon!