Fall Hours

Saturday and Sunday Noon to 6PM

Third Friday of October and November 5 to 8 PM





Bah Humbug

I can't believe I have only bought ONE gift so far this year! Usually by now I am DONE! Good news is that I have lots of neat gifts in the winery to buy for family and friends...remember our Girls Night Out is tomorrow (Dec 8) and we'll have Miche Bags, handmade soaps and lotions, wine themed gift baskets, and a bunch of unique stuff for those hard to buy for folks on your list....and VISIT US DURING OUR OPEN HOUSE!


Busy Busy Busy

As most of you know, I have a "real job" besides winemaking...been very busy busy busy the last few weeks with Agri Stats, yay!


We've partnered with the "4 Sister Shore Wineries" for a series of holiday open even is TODAY! Stop by and ask us about the passport program and the ability to win one of 4 holiday gift baskets! It's going to be a Delicious December!


Shopping Shopping and more Shopping

Hey! Lots of cool opportunitites to shop at your favorite winery this season...

November 26 & 27 Toy Show (see below)

December 8 Girls Night Out (more news coming soon)

December 17 & 18 Holiday Open House

Shopping=ok  Shopping with Gal Pals=good Shopping with Gal Pals + Wine= PRICELESS!!!


Holy Grapeseeds, Batman!

Well, there's really no Batman but I thought it was a funny title. So there.

Speaking of not funny things...I noticed today I had on the event calendar a Girl's Night Out scheduled for tomorrow night...DO NOT SHOW UP! We've moved Girl's Night Out/Miche Purse Party to December 8. Look here for the really cool cool bags: Here's how it works: You buy a "base bag" which is basically the part that holds all of your important girl stuff, and then you buy "shells" to change the way your whole purse looks! The shells attach to the base bag MAGNETICALLY..holy fermenting juice, Batman, why didn't I think of that?!

AND, speaking of other Costa Ventosa events, mark your calendar for...

Black Friday & Saturday: Collectable Die-Cast Toy Show. My hubby is selling all sorts of die cast cars, trucks, construction equipment, etc. Please buy some. My garage is full of this stuff.




Giving Thanks...

This time of year reminds me of how great I have it...a great job, great friends and family, and a great little winery...wait, have I used the word great yet? Anyway, this weekend we're raising funds for the Legion's Scholarship fund. Come out, drink wine, and support a good cause. Oops, make that a GREAT cause...