The Fun-Spirited Winery

Our hours are:

Feb 11th - May: Saturday & Sunday - Noon to 6 PM.

June- Labor Day : Friday, Saturday & Sunday -Noon to 6PM.

Labor Day - Dec. Saturday & Sunday- Noon to 6 PM.

Wine Tasting $5 for 9 wines.

Groups over 6- $8 for 9 wines with a reserved table and cheese plate.

Beer Tasting $5 for 5 farm microbrews.

Wine & beer tastings are done throughout the day up until 5:30 PM. Parties of 6 or more please email us here to request a time and date for a group tasting.

If you would like to host a party, bridal shower, birthday, wedding or the like, please email us here for prices and availability 


Grand Opening

 Salute! Cheers!

This isn't a regular ole home page, it's a blog written by Kathryn, the winemaker. Settle in and enjoy the antics of starting a new vineyard and winery...

August 12--Wow, with my full time job and pruning the vineyard in the evenings and working in the winery on the weekends, my on-line blogging really stinks big time. I have no real excuse except I'M BUSY! With that said, I’ve finally posted our events for the remainder of 2010.

Here's another (the "boa cutting" with Family and Friends)

Our first event, “Cheese, Cheese and More Cheese” will feature cheese (duh) and we’ll show you what wine to pair it with. The cheese will be free, well, not free for me since I have to pay for it, but free for our visitors. Not for the lactose intolerant! It will be held from August 27-29.

I’m working on a new website, a little more fancy but still as irreverent. More to come.

July 16 was the Grand Opening:All I can say after 3 weeks of being open is WOW! What a GREAT ride it has been already!For the Grand Opening, we had nearly 250 visitors to the winery. What a bunch of winos! (Just kidding). We drank, we ate, we drank, we made merry! The ribbon cutting ceremony, with Gee Williams (Mayor of Berlin) and Kevin Atticks (Executive Director of the Maryland Wineries Association) was followed by a boa cutting ceremony (yes, boa, as in the fluffy things women hang around their necks) with family and friends.

Thanks to all of my beloved volunteers for helping during Grand Opening: Craig, Becky and Carley Dobson, Susan Hutchinson, Laura Widgeon, Karen Cremeans, Debi Rus, Ami Hastings and Emily Cofiell …and Carl DiManno, my adopted brother and winemaker extraordinaire, and Allison and Blair Snyder, supportive friends, and Tony Russo for the fantastic pictures. See one of Tony’s pics below and if I’ve forgotten to thank someone, I’m sorry. Blame it on the wine.

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