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Pretty Lake and Pretty Wine

I've not had much time to sit and relax and enjoy the fruits (by "fruits" I mean "wine") of my labor. So a few weeks ago I had some Diana's Delight on the deck of my good friends Leesa and Dave's lake cottage.

See, they are my neighbors. The winery is 10 minutes away from Ocean City and other Atlantic seaboard beaches, but I had to buy a lake house in Northern Indiana. Go figure.

Anyway, back to Dave and Leesa. Dave takes awesome pictures (like this one) and is a darned good investment guy. But adorable. And a GREAT chef. And hug-your-belly-laughing-too-hard funny. I love this woman. I'd ask her to be my wife if it wasn't for the fact that A. I am not gay and B. I am married. But if A. and B. were to go away, she'd be MINE!

Salute to all of the Dave's and Leesa's of the world. Love you guys!




Nicole, Rain and Wine

Nicole, of course, is the tropical depression that has led to my depression since it has been so crappy and rainy outside. Thank the wine gods we picked all of the grapes last week or they'd be on the vine until sometime in 2013. Picking is hard enough, let alone in the pouring rain.

On a brighter note, Ernie and Janine stopped by in the winery today, a shout out to them: YAY! They live in Pittsville and have stopped by before and we hope they stop by again...

We're supposed to have our Hooray for Harvest Weekend now but it's been cancelled due to the rain and lack of interest. Kidding on the lack of interest. We do have some Merlot fermenting in big bins so if you'd like to stick your hands in the bin (no feet please) we'll let you do it and take your picture. And give you a little gift to reward you for your, we mean bravery.



Total Exhaustion

Who in the heck decided to grow grapes and make wine in my house? I think it was my Yorkshire Terrier, Hoppy. She's not getting any treats for the rest of her life.

OK, kidding. But what a week! Can you say or spell EXHAUSTED? We received 2 tons of Merlot from Wick Dudley, a grape grower near Chestertown, MD. The fruit was BEAUTIFUL! We also picked our Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Truthfully, if I don't see another grape for a few weeks, I'll be fine.

So right now we have fermenting or getting ready to ferment: Chardonnay, Cayuga, Riesling, and Merlot. The only thing missing right now is the Vidal Blanc grapes, coming soon.

I have nothing witty to say. Even my witty muscle is sore and tired. Stay tuned for the fun Kathryn to return.


Grapes and Gnats and Wine Oh My

Wow, what a crazy week...we harvested our Chambourcin, Chardonnay, Merlot and some Cab grapes. We received some beautiful grapes (Chardonnay) last Friday...Our must is bubbling away (fermenting). Sis Karen left (boo hoo) and Mom and Dad Danko arrived (YAY!) and this weekend we're having our Bike Week Event consisting of chili and soup made with wine. The chili has pinto beans, pork and beans, and kidney beans--thank goodness the bowls we have are small, if you know what I mean.

This upcoming week we're receiving Merlot grapes from Queenstown, MD on Thursday. We already have our volunteer list filled (YAY!) and for those of you who said you would help, maybe next time (boo hoo).

Stop by and see us soon. By "us" I mean the billions of gnats in and around the winery. Little suckers are everywhere.



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