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Wine Down Parties Friday 6-8 PM from May 1-October 1.

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Wine Tasting $5 for 9 wines.

Beer Tasting $5 for 5 farm microbrews. 


Hurricane Sandy is NOT Dandy

I know, the title of this post sucks but it's late and I'm sick of hearing the wind howling, the rain beating against the glass, the mice scampering in the kitchen (ewwww) and the talking heads on The Weather Channel reminding me--yet again--that this is the worst storm in recent history.

Yep, I'm crabby. And wet again. The dogs won't go outside with out me for fear of blowing away, I guess. So I have to go out with them and say, "Go outside, do your business, good dog" when I really want to say, "I wouldn't want to pee outside in the wind and rain either."

The grapevines are underwater. Luckily all of the grapes we wanted to pick are in. The leaves were just starting to turn a pretty yellow color. Don't think there will be any leaves left after all of the blowing hither and yon.

I'm grateful that we still have electricity...hopefully my mood will get better with chilled wine! :)


Pasta, Wine, Scarves

I'm sure many of you have read the book Eat, Pray, Love. My book, whenever I get around to write it, is going to be called Pasta, Wine, Scarves.

You see, I've been in Italy for the last two weeks and returned a day ago. I know, hate me for a done?

All kidding aside, it was a trip beyond words. The beauty of Italy is stunning, its' people sexy (in the City) and adorable (in the Country), its' food--especially pasta--melts in your mouth, and its' wine...DIVINE.

We visited 3 wineries and found out that we don't do much differently than they do in Italy. Making good wine is all about dedication and attention to detail...and having good people to sell the wine makes all the difference. As always, I'm so grateful to the many volunteers who keep us going...especially those who were "Winery Keepers" over the last 16 days.

So now you understand the Pasta, Wine and...oh, Scarves...well, suffice to say I had to throw out more than one clothes item so I could fit in the scarves I bought. 


Rain Rain Go Away

Wow, we are officially in the middle of Monsoon Season here in Whaleyville. We've gotten nearly 10 inches of rain in less than 10 days. The grapevines are well and pissed many of you know, history tells us many of the vines originated from the Middle East. So...they DO NOT need all of this rain.

Ah, the joys of farming.


"Award Winning Winery"

Yep, we can brag about being an Award Winning Winery now! In the recent Maryland Winemasters Choice Competion, we won 3 golds and a bronze...and two Best In Class.

Not a soul I've talked to knows what Best In Class is. So let me explain this way...if you've ever watched the Westminister Dog Show, you know that they have several "classes" of dogs, like the Hounds, Sporting, and Toy breeds. One dog is chosen to represent those specific categories, and then the last round of competion is all of the Best In Class compete for Best In Show.

Clear as mud, huh?

Well, anyway, our Puckum Pinot Grigio won Best In Class for white wines in MD and our Riddle Farm Riesling won Best In Class for sweet wines in MD. Both also won Gold Medals, as did our Diana's Delight. Our Tuckahoe Merlot won a bronze.





Country Mouse

A small cadre of volunteers and I braved the trek to Howard County (Merryweather Post Pavilion) to participate in the Wine in the Woods Festival. Wow, what a busy busy weekend. And getting out of the area was a pain in the...bottle...because Lady Antebellem was playing a concert a few hours after the winos cleared out. Needless to say, it was a complete and utter cluster.

Anyway, I'm counting my blessings today as I sit here on my couch, looking out over my garden and beyond to the wheat field. Hoppy, my yorkie, is panting as usual because she is hot blooded and just a bit fat. I know, I stink as a mama, she shouldn't be fat. But back to the subject at hand...I'm so happy to be a country mouse. 

Yes, I grew up in the suburbs and yes, I went to school in Columbus, OH and yes, I lived in cities over the years...but there ain't nothing like the Shore and God's country and farmers in tractors and people who use less-than-good English.

So, Howard County: I thank you for a good event, I was able to make some money for the winery and I was able to get more than a few Weight Watchers activity points, but THANK GOD for Whaleyville MD.