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WINE DOWN Is Over until Next Spring.

Wine Tasting $5 for 9 wines.

Beer Tasting $5 for 5 farm microbrews.

Wine & beer tastings are done throughout the day up until 5:30 PM. Parties of 6 or more please email us here to request a time and date for a group tasting.

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Queen Kathryn

I'm President of the Worcester County Farm Bureau. I love my Board. They are terrific guys and girls: Kirby, Kristin, Alan, Johnny, John, Donnie, Earl, Harold (I accidentally call him "Howard"), Danny...I'm sure I forgot someone. Oops.

I prefer the title of "Queen" however, instead of "President." Truth be told, what they call me is neither. I'm not sure I WANT to know what they call me.

Speaking of titles, which is why I wrote this blog, I'm running for Worcester County Commissioner, District 4. I'm super excited, and a bit nervous, about the whole thing. I think it's true that if  you don't do things that scare you, stretch you, take you out of your comfort zone...then you don't grow. Man, I fee 10 feet tall right now! Politics! Who would have thought it. 

Anyway, send luck and prayers and good wishes. And if you see me kissing a few babies, you'll know why.





Another Poop Story

So we've been closed for a few weeks (REOPEN FEBRUARY 15!!) and, up until yesterday, I had horsekeeping duties. Many of you know I have a horse named Twinkie, who is a Hafflinger. I call her a "baby draft" because she is pretty wide, like a Clydesdale, but not as tall. However, she has a big butt and it makes mine look smaller.

I keep Twinkie (Twink, Twinky-Dink, The-Equine-Love-of-my-Life) at my BFF's house. Wanda has her own horse, Jazie, and boards two others, Cass and Bailey. Collectively, they are The Girls.

Man can 4 horses create a lot of poop. I thought 50 chickens were bad but nah, nothing compared to the waste a 1200 pound creature puts out. Collectively The Girls could probably fertilize all of the corn in Whaleyville. 

Looking back over the last 2+ weeks, I've realized a few things:

1. My least favorite pile of dung: That which has been sitting outside, getting rained on all day. Good lord the stink! And the weight! Somehow it puffs up like a sponge.

2. My most favorite poop: Frozen. You get the tines of the plastic poop-picker-upper (pitch fork) and it comes up in one clump. YAY!

3. Taking care of The Girls and all that goes along with it probably has prepared me for political office. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how. But I have decided to throw my poop I mean hat in the ring for Worcester County Commissioner, District 4. My website is I promise you won't be reading about poop there. 





Last Call for Alcohol!!!

Just a friendly reminder...this upcoming weekend (December 13, 14 and 15) is our last for the year! 

FRIDAY: Shop/visit from 12-8 PM and enjoy our last Wine Down with Drake Burd from 6-8 PM. Come and hear this amazing young musician play oldies and sing along with his Christmas songs.

SATURDAY: Holiday Open House. Our third annual shopping day at Costa Ventosa is a blast. And busy. Shop with a glass of wine...complimentary Tuckahoe Merlot chili and soup while it lasts. Also while it lasts: first 100 folks through the door get a sparkly gold wine bag free with purchase.

SUNDAY: Yep, last day to get your favorite wine. Stock up cuz we won't see you again until early February. And come early because later in the day I'm going to put up my feet and get half dwunktified.





Bloggdy Blog Blog

I was surfing the net today and happened upon a few blog sites. 

I felt bad that my last post was about poop but let me tell you, a lot of these bloggers write about the dumbest things. One gal posted more than 2 pages of conversation between her and her girlfriend. After the first page and a half, I skimmed the blog, then gave up entirely. I still have no idea what the hell she was talking about!

Truth be told, it does take a bit of imagination and creativity to come up with something to write about every day. I guess that's why I don't do it as often as I should. the last few weeks so many of you have come into the winery and told me the website is hilarious so I will endeavor (big college word there) to keep you laughing.

And while you are giggling and feeling especially warm and fuzzy about Costa Ventosa, come in and buy wine. That's what pays for the website.




I Got Nuthin...

...I'm sitting here eating my salad, waiting for customers to wander in and I was surfing the net and remembered I have a website, HAHAHAHAHA! Obviously I have neglected it because the last entry was April.

So, let's see...what has happened since then...made wine, bottled wine, sold wine, drank wine...made more wine, bottled more wine, sold more wine, drank more wine...

Oh and bought chickens who now poop all over my back deck.

Thus the title of today's blog: I got nuthin to say. Seriously.