Fall Hours

Saturday and Sunday Noon to 6PM

Third Friday of October and November 5 to 8 PM





Spring/Summer Hours

We have now started our Spring/Summer Hours.  We are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6 pm.

Wine Down Fridays are the First and Third Friday of every month from 6-8 pm.

Come sit on our porch, listen to Drake Burd play and celebrate the start of the weekend.


First Day of Spring

Today is suppose to be the first day of spring but it feels more like fall to me.  Hopefully the spring flowers and the bud break won't be affected by the cold rain that fell over the winery today.

Just to update everyone, we are open Saturdays and Sundays from 12- 6 ( for now). We are closed on Easter Sunday so that our employees can enjoy Easter with their family and friends. We will start back opening on Fridays, April 1st from 12- 6 with a special event for the Berlin Lioness Club from 6-8pm.  Anyone can attend that event. It in open to the public and raises funds for local charities. After that will we have our Wine Down Friday on the First and Third Fridays of every month. Come sit on our porch and enjoy the start of the weekends.  


Let it Spring, Let it Spring, Let it Spring!!!

Don't want to use the "Other S Word"...and we are ready for warmer weather. We are happppyyyy to open back up on February 13, 2016 from 12-6. 

Our winter hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6. 

Lots of great events coming your way...stay tuned to here or Facebook.




(Tasting Room Princess)




Sledding into Snow

Got your attention, did I? My mind wandered back to Ohio for a minute...we don't have any snow in Maryland (it's actually 70 degrees today so I put on my bathing suit) and I don't wish for any yet...or ever...course, it is nice to look at...

Speaking of looking at pretty things, did I mention Twinkie (my lovely horse, our mascot, and her picture is on our bottle of Riesling...) is in the house? Not literally as she has a difficult time fitting through the bathroom door...she has her own "castle" behind the winery, near our house. She's such a joy. Be sure to ask me to visit with her when you are here. I need another write off and the more pictures I can take with our winos and Twink, the more I can write off, hee hee.

November is going fast and December is sure to as well. We close for the season on Saturday, December 12. We'll have an Open House that day with some soup or chili or something warm. Not sure what but it will be free so who cares? Another hee hee.

Until then a few other dates:

November 21: Christmas Crafts...back by popular demand is a day of wine glass painting, decorated cheese plates, wino scrapbooking. See our Facebook page for details & cost.

December 5: Annual Amici Italian for Amici (Wine Club members) and $15 for guests. 

Snowballs to you and yours.





Halloween is our absolute favorite holiday of the year. We will be closing early (4:00 PM) on Saturday to enjoy the kids. We are open Friday and Sunday from 12-8 PM so you still have plenty of time to taste or buy beer or wine. Boooooo!