The Fun-Spirited Winery!

Our Hours: Friday-Sunday Noon to 6 PM

Wine & beer tastings are done throughout the day. Parties of 6 or more please email us here to let us know you are coming.

Wine Tasting $5 for 7-8 wines.

Beer Tasting $5 for 5 farm microbrews. 


Amici di Costa Ventosa (Wine Club)

YAY! Another excuse to meet new people and drink wine! We already have Club Events listed in our Calendar. Sign up soon! (PS If you decide on a higher level friendship that costs money, be aware it is a one-time deal, not an annual fee)

Here are the particulars... Stop by and sign up or send me an email at and I'll send you a form to print and mail!   

Amici (“Friends”)                                                            Cost: None

  • ·        5% discount on bottle/bottles of wine purchases, 10% case discount
  • ·        (1) Invitation to all Amici Events (Winery)
  • ·        Exclusive emails with special offers, recipes, and winery news


Buoni Amici (“Good Friends”)                                     Cost: $25.00

  • ·        10% on all bottle/bottles of wine purchases, 10% case discount
  • ·        (2) invitations to all Amici Events (Winery)
  • ·        Complimentary private tours and tastings for up to 4 annually
  • ·        Exclusive emails with special offers, recipes, and winery news


Grandi Amici (“Great Friends”)                                   Cost: $50.00

  • ·        15% on all bottle/bottles of wine purchases, including cases
  • ·        (2) invitations to all Amici Events (Winery)
  • ·        (2) invitations to all Amici Events (Vineyard)
  • ·        Complimentary private tours and tastings for up to 8 annually
  • ·        "Adopt-a-vine" sponsorship
  • ·        Exclusive emails with special offers, recipes, and winery news



Grandi Amici choose a vine to “adopt” (sorry, Costa Ventosa still owns it and you can’t take it home but it’s fun to pretend)…

Select any vine in our adoption areas (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, or Merlot), and we put a tag on him or her with your name. You can name her, visit her, talk to her, dance with her, sit by her, drink wine with her, and/or take pictures of her. 

Whatever makes you happy, provided it’s during our regular hours and legal! HA!




Oh it's Heaven in 2011

OMG is that corny or what...What else rhymes with eleven? Seven? Leaven? There you go...

Our event calendar is PACKED with a whole lot of fun stuff for the new year. That's why we're in heaven and hope you will be too...

A few glimpses:

1. The start of a WINE CLUB! (Stay tuned). Called "Amici di Costa Ventosa" (Friends of Costa Ventosa), you will have the chance to participate in Members Only events.

2. The start of a YARN CLUB! Starting February 11, and on every 2nd Friday evening of the month from 5:30-7:30, the Circolo Falato (Yarn Club) will meet to crochet, knit, and drink wine.

3. The start of a BOOK CLUB! Starting February 24, and on every 4th Thursday evening of the month from 5:30-7:30 pm, the Del Libro (Book Club) will meet to discuss the book of the month.

We have events scheduled from now until the end of the month, but if your group would like to book the tasting room for a fund-raiser, get-together, or meeting, contact us at and we will make it happen!

Check out our Events calendar for details for all upcoming events. In the mean yarn is calling me to get ready for February 11!



Big Brothers/Big Sisters Event

We're working on our calendar for 2011 and this one will be a blast! And for a good cause!!


Iced is it Wine?

Gosh, finding something interesting to write about in the dead of winter is worse than...allergies...a whining baby...25 degree weather...ok, you get my drift.

Our wine is aging well in the tank. I just tried the Merlot today and it is smooth and a gorgeous pinky purple color. I'm really happy with it.

We got a bit of an icestorm here yesterday. Of course, everyone on the Shore was in a panic (BREAD! MILK! LAXATIVES!) but I was warm in my leggins with a glass of Diana's Delight. Life is good.

I did venture out to take the below pic because this front page was looking really sad and boring.

Hope your winter is almost over.



Winery Open on Saturdays!

We've decided to open on Saturdays in January and February! A combination of missing our friends and visitors and needing to make money for bottles is the reason, LOL! We're also filling up the calendar with special events. If you are looking for a fun place to hold a meeting, let us know. We LOVE parties.