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We are the first Winery/Farm Microbrew in the state of MD. Our award-winning wines and farm microbrews are delish

Our Wines


Diana’s Delight (Vidal Blanc)  

Named after a family member, the Vidal reminds us of her sweet personality. Diana's has a honey and orange blossom aroma and hints of pineapple. Flavors of lemon and quince combined with a smidge of apple leads to a long, spicy finish with hints of grapefruit and orange zest. Semi-sweet.t in Class (dry white) in the state of MD...nummmmm

Puckum Pinot Grigio 

Oooooh, the nose on our Pinot! Judged "Best Dry White Wine" in the state of MD in 2012, our Pinot gets better each year. Ooooh, the nose on this wine! Pineapple, grapefruit, and banana…followed by yummy tropical fruit flavors and a roasted almond finish. Dry

Assawoman Bay Chardonnay  

This clear, pale straw colored Chardonnay is reminiscent of the smells of country life:  apple, spiced apple, with hints of dried herb, toast and linden. Think of plucking a big green apple and savoring the taste; you’ll find this crispness in the wine, along with citrus and apricot.  Grapefruit and lemon are on the finish. Ready anytime to consume. Serve chilled. Dry.


Tuckahoe White Merlot 

A light bodied wine, Tuckahoe Merlot combines the aromas of spiced cherry, butter and toast with a whisper of cinnamon and black pepper. Tuckahoe Creek is a quiet, unassuming stream that meanders on the Eastern Shore. Our Merlot is equally humble; don’t save it for a big event but serve it on an ordinary day.  Find simple pleasure in the sour cherry and spice flavors and butter and spice finish. Dry.


Rockawalkin Rosso 

Chambourcin never tasted so good! Named after an area near Salisbury, the wine tastes of black cherries with a trace of plum. Dry. nd Merlot blend is a wine rich in berry aromas with a hint of pepper. Terrific with heavy Italian pastas or lasagna or a big ole steak on the grill. Our R

Riddle Farm Riesling

Our Riesling pays tribute to Riddle Farm, home of Man O’War, one of the greatest race horses of all time.  It has aromas of apricots and yummy ripe peaches with hints of pear and hazelnut.  Taste gala apples, honey and pear in this semi-sweet Riesling. Award winner in 2012 for "Best Sweet Wine" in the state of MD. Sweet.


Country Girl White 

Country Girl is a special, limited edition wine named after our friend Laura who passed away in 2012. Proceeds from this sweet white wine are shared with a therapeutic riding academy for autistic and other special needs children or another worthy horse-related cause. Sweet.


Whaleyville Red

Can you say grape juice with a kick? Many of our customers grew up drinking Boones Farm, Manischewitz, and Mogen David. This wine, with its grapey aroma and taste, should be chilled to bring out the sweet simplicity of concord grapes. Sweet.


La Dolce Vita

Our after dinner sipper, La Dolce Vita is a dessert style wine. It's perfect for drinking after dinner or on the back deck watching the sunset. Tastes like pure sunshine and honey. Sweet.


Our Wine Slushy

Our amazingly refreshing wine spiked slushies change flavors weekly!  Come in to see our new creations every weekend!

Our Beers

Half-Assed Jack

An IPA style, Half-Assed Jack is our most popular beer. Named after our own amazing owner who is known to half finished projects all over the farm. 

Stupid Stick

Yummy Nut Brown Ale. If you drink too much, you get stupid. 


Our light full bodies beer that is sure to spike your taste buds.

Our Projects of the Month...

2 Seasonal Beers that change according  to Jack's mood and motivation!