Try all 7-9 of our varietals (we try to keep them in stock but occasionally have a sell-out!) in the tasting room for $5...and keep a really cool wine glass.

Diana’s Delight (Vidal Blanc)      $13

Named after Kathryn’s beloved mother, the Vidal reminds us of her, with its honey and orange blossom aroma and hints of pineapple. Flavors of lemon and quince combined with a smidge of apple leads to a long, spicy finish with hints of grapefruit and orange zest. Ready anytime to enjoy and serve chilled.  

Puckum Pinot Grigio $15

Oooh, the nose on this wine! Pineapple, grapefruit, and banana…followed by yummy tropical fruit flavors and a roasted almond finish. Drink your Puckum Wine--our 2011 won Best in Class (dry white) in the state of MD...nummmmm

Assawoman Bay Chardonnay   $15

This clear, pale straw colored Chardonnay is reminiscent of the smells of country life:  apple, spiced apple, with hints of dried herb, toast and linden. Think of plucking a big green apple and savoring the taste; you’ll find this crispness in the wine, along with citrus and apricot.  Grapefruit and lemon are on the finish. Ready anytime to consume. Serve chilled. 


Tuckahoe Merlot  $17

A light bodied wine, Tuckahoe Merlot combines the aromas of spiced cherry, butter and toast with a whisper of cinnamon and black pepper. Tuckahoe Creek is a quiet, unassuming stream that meanders on the Eastern Shore. Our Merlot is equally humble; don’t save it for a big event but serve it on an ordinary day.  Find simple pleasure in the sour cherry and spice flavors and butter and spice finish.


Declaration Meritage  $21

This vibrant Bordeaux blend with a concentrated deep red hue exhibits world-class red wine production in Mid Atlantic. Aromas of raspberry, cassis and anise spring from the glass along with notes of spice and violets. On the palate, the wine articulates flavors of black fruit, plum and black current with elements of clove and cinnamon. With nicely refined tannins, Declaration finishes smoothly with hints of white pepper and mocha.  


Riddle Farm Riesling $15

Our Riesling pays tribute to Riddle Farm, home of Man O’War, one of the greatest race horses of all time.  It has aromas of apricots and yummy ripe peaches with hints of pear and hazelnut.  Taste gala apples, honey and pear in this semi-sweet Riesling.

Pursuit of Happiness (Gewurztraminer)  $19

As you pour the wine, you will notice a beautiful straw glow and its glass-coating viscosity promising a richly rewarding tasting experience. The aromas are concentrated and complex with scents of golden raisin, honey, apricot and rosewater. The flavors fill the mouth in a hedonistic explosion of spicy cinnamon, raisin and apricot along with notes of grapefruit, muscat and orange blossom. Pursuit of Happiness finishes smooth with hints of citrus and clove and white pepper. Excellent now, this will continue to develop, peaking in two to three years. Serve chilled.   


Whaleyville Red $12

Can you say grape juice with a kick? Many of our customers grew up drinking Boones Farm, Manischewitz, and Mogen David. This wine, with its grapey aroma and taste, should be chilled to bring out the sweet simplicity of concord grapes.